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Company Profile

Graphite is human wealth! Hope of the world!! The most beautiful black drill!!!
With the support of all, Aoyu Graphite Group, after 32 years of experience, has integrated 13 enterprises in Mashan and introduced 18 enterprises in Luobei. It is an integral leading enterprise in energy saving, environmental protection, new materials and new energy. Enterprises are mainly distributed in Jixi, Hegang and Inner Mongolia.
Among the 58 patented products independently developed by academician workstations and engineering research and development centers, 8 of them filled the gaps in the industry and won the National Gold Award, Key New Products Award, Excellent Products Award and Science and Technology Progress Award. Sixteen projects filled the gaps in the three northeastern provinces, six of which were supported by the state and included in the national key projects. Aoyu led nine academicians, 25 colleges and enterprises to undertake 12 national science and technology support projects, which were successfully completed and included in the 13th Five-Year Plan, key guidelines, three-year support policy, new materials, new energy and strategic emerging industries. At present, Aoyu Graphite Group has cooperated with its German partners in three stages of technological renovation projects. The first stage has achieved very good results. The second stage has been completed and the third stage is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2019. It has received great attention and support from the governments at the national, provincial, municipal and county levels. It has received the support of 55 million yuan project fund, 19.32 million yuan from the state, 5 million yuan from the provincial and 3 million yuan from the county governments. After the completion of the three-stage deep processing project with an investment of 255 million yuan, it will fill the gap in Hegang once again. Aoyu Graphite Group is the largest state-level high-tech enterprise integrating graphite mining, production, intensive processing and R&D in China. As the leading technology enterprise in the whole industry chain of China's graphite industry, the company's top managers have been paying attention to market changes, constantly improving the management level of enterprises, and have come out of an independent innovation. The new development of the whole industry chain has created an excellent national brand and has been listed in the patent demonstration base.
Aoyu Graphite Group is developing in the direction of high-tech energy-saving new materials, environmental protection new energy strategy emerging industries and miraculous omnipotent graphene industry. Welcome people of insight to join us in making this outstanding national product, which is indispensable to the top ten industries in the world and occupies the top eight strategic resources, sunrise industry and four Nobel Prizes. Carry forward the brand, integrate resources, benefit mankind and create brilliance together! Boost our country's prestige!


Company Profile