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High-end flexible graphite products

17/08/16 10:22
1, the basic situation of the project
Project undertaker: Aoyu Graphite Group - Heilongjiang Austrian Star Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Project Construction Site: Donghai Town, Jidong County, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province
Construction period: January 2013 to May 2014
Construction scale: 5.5 hectares of construction land, a project construction area of ​​15,600 square meters, with an annual output of low sulfur ultra-thin graphite paper 500 tons and graphite seals, high thermal conductivity of flexible graphite paper 600 tons.
Total investment: 175 million yuan
Economic Benefit Analysis: After the project reaches production, the annual sales income will be 80 million yuan, the profit will be 24 million yuan, the tax will be 20 million yuan
2, project innovation
A, low sulfur ultra-thin graphite paper
①, with hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid and potassium permanganate as the main component of the desulfurization oxidant, the phosphorus graphite desulfurization, oxidation, intercalation;
②, the use of coal-based asphalt and petroleum-based asphalt as the main component of the binder, used to improve the ductility of graphite graphite, tensile strength and toughness;
③, the rolling process using roller rolling and pressure roller rolling combined with the rolling process, the worms spread evenly on the conveyor belt, the first through the pressure roller will be worms graphite compaction, thinning, and then through the scale drum , Several times into a graphite plate until pressed into the set of graphite paper thickness so far. Using the secondary pavement, with three drum preload and then into the steel strip system to remove the residual graphite within the graphite plate, and finally through the finishing rolling mill to ensure product thickness, density uniformity, improve product quality.
Low sulfur ultra-thin graphite paper new product main technical performance indicators: sulfur content <50PPM, domestic similar products sulfur content greater than 300PPM; thickness ≤ 0.1MM, similar domestic product thickness greater than 0.1MM; tensile strength> 8MPA / MM2, Domestic similar products tensile strength of less than 8MPA / MM2. B, high thermal conductivity flexible graphite plate The development of this part of the product has been listed as a national science and technology support program, the product innovation point for the expansion of graphite sulfur content, expansion volume, oxidation and other control technology research, in the expansion furnace heat The use of pulsed electromagnetic induction heating method, in the uniform fabric technology, pre-calendering, re-rolling to achieve digital automatic control,
3, the progress of the project
This project uses the existing venues and factories of Austrian Star, the new part of the production workshop, low sulfur ultra-thin graphite paper production line has been completed; high thermal conductivity of flexible graphite plate production equipment ordered to complete, independent research and development equipment outsourcing and self-processing. Project planning June 2014 commissioned production.
4, the proposed way of cooperation
A, funding needs: 20 million yuan
B, cooperation: joint venture, cooperation, technology shares, market cooperation.
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