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Graphene anode material project

17/08/17 15:32
 Graphene anode material project
1, the basic situation of the project
Project undertaker: Aoyu Graphite Group - Luobei Austrian Star New Material Co., Ltd
Project Location: Yunshan Industrial Park, Luobei County, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province
Construction period: July 2012 to June 2014
Construction scale: 30 hectares of construction land, a project construction area of ​​85132.75 square meters, the construction of an annual output of 40,000 tons of flake graphite, spherical graphite 10,000 tons, 4 tons of graphene material production line and tailings project.
Total investment: 500 million yuan
Economic Benefit Analysis: After the project reaches production, the annual sales income will be 639 million yuan, the profit will be RMB1.18 million and the tax will be RMB0.16 million
2, project innovation
The project is based on the Austrian Graphite Group and the Taiwan technical team. In the graphite deep processing technology has 13 patents, including negative materials, there are three of the world's leading technology (respectively: a lithium ion secondary battery with a negative [200910249936.7], a lithium-ion battery high-capacity silicon copper / carbon composite Anode material and its production process [201010181432.9], a new lithium-ion battery positive and negative particles alloy metal coating method [201110096054.9]). Have reached the international advanced level, the technology already has the conditions of industrialization, once the project to form the scale of industrialization, its low cost and high performance will break the Japanese market situation. China's natural graphite nano-coated modified and high purity processing technology to the international advanced level.
"Particle size 6.5 micron lithium-ion battery with spherical graphite products" using fluidized bed airflow mill or nano-vibration grinding technology, the Jixi City Science and Technology Bureau identified as: advanced technology and the national patent (a high-purity Graphite production methods, patent number: 201010527844.3), and access to national key new product award, the technical indicators are higher than similar domestic products, and to fill the gaps, the overall technology in the leading domestic level, has made "scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate "Black Branch Kam Kam word [2012] No. 12.
The fourth generation of fully automatic surface treatment of spherical graphite production line, closed, the use of Aoyu Graphite Group independent research and development of mixed subtle plastic technology (including) production, finished product recovery rate of> 85%, Tap density> 1.1 ( G / ml).
3, the progress of the project
So far the project has completed the pre-procedures for the new comprehensive research and development of office buildings and plant nearly 90,000 square meters, the main production equipment and auxiliary equipment ordering processing completed, independent research and development equipment, and self-processing and manufacturing completed. The first phase of the project has been installed and completed, plans to put into operation in May 2014.
4, the national new material "second five" key product catalog
Luo De Austrian Star New Materials Co., Ltd. - graphite deep processing project A, the fourth - (b): advanced energy storage materials eight, the Austrian Yu Group - Luobei Austrian New Materials Co., Ltd. patent technology accounted for (76,77 , 78, 79, 80, 81, 82). B, the fifth: 322 of the other.
5, the proposed way of cooperation
A, funding needs: 50 million yuan
B, cooperation: joint venture, cooperation, technology shares, market cooperation.
Key words: