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New energy, new materials

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17/08/17 15:35

 Heilongjiang Aoyu Graphite Group was founded in 1988, is set mining, production, packaging, trade, deep processing and other energy-saving, environmental protection, science and technology enterprises, is the production of a variety of natural phosphorus graphite and graphite deep processing, tail Ore hollow brick - based group. With the mobile phone lithium-ion battery, automotive power battery and power plant energy storage battery widely used, the state advocates green energy and new energy, new materials, low carbon era has come, spherical graphite market demand will also increase dramatically. Aoyu graphite group to actively respond to the call of the state, establish a "recycling economy" concept, in 2009 to invest in two "energy saving, recycling" high-tech projects. Built an annual output of 60 million pieces of modern automatic control of energy saving, environmental protection, tailings and coal gangue waste recycling hollow brick factory. This project, both to save the land, but also to solve the problem of environmental pollution, to fill the gaps in the industry; at the same time on - graphite deep processing of spherical graphite, graphite powder, high purity graphite and expandable graphite, filled the gap between the three provinces of the Northeast, Formed a complete "energy saving and environmental protection, recycling" high-tech industry chain. Breaking the constraints of "circular economy" the development of technical bottlenecks, and promote the comprehensive utilization of resources to speed up the development of the industry, Aoyu graphite group to become environmentally friendly, energy-saving model model business model. Graphite mineral processing production Flake graphite, graphite deep processing will increase the scale graphite, graphite products to increase the added value. Brick factory to eat a large number of tailings produced by graphite processing, the waste heat generated by the brick factory for the long-term production of graphite mineral processing, graphite deep processing of acid waste water used to improve the processing company flake graphite carbon, the waste water after treatment for The beneficiation flotation plant, the beneficiation company's tailings dam can be used to store water storage ring. This set of circular economy model through more than 1 year of actual production verification, and achieved good economic and social benefits, Austrian Yu through their own efforts for the development of the graphite industry has developed a bright road. Is the direction of science and technology development of new materials. In 2011, Aoyu Group is expected to add new carbon, arrester, graphite milk, high-grade pencil, brake pads and other new projects. Heilongjiang Aoyu graphite group is becoming a hot land, welcome people of insight and strong technical force to the development of the company! Together to create a more brilliant future!

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