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Ultra-thin graphite paperThe thinnest graphite paper 0.05mm-0.07mm officially put into mass production

Ultra-thin graphite paperThe thinnest graphite paper 0.05mm-0.07mm officially put into mass production

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The thinnest graphite paper, 0.05mm-0.07mm, was officially put into production
Our company relies on the latest technology based on patents, has been successful in production of 0.05mm-0.07mm graphite sheet thickness, width of 600mm, the thermal conductivity of 1800W/MK, comparable with foreign thin graphite paper, and more than similar foreign products in the technical indicators, has been successfully used in mobile phone, notebook computer etc. a variety of electronic products in the field, its excellent heat conduction performance.

Graphite heat sink 0.05-0.07

The graphite heat conduction radiator is a new heat dissipation material, which can transmit heat evenly in two directions, shield the heat source and set up, and improve the performance of consumer electronic products.
Main applications: graphite heat sink can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface, and can be cut in any form according to the requirements of customers. It is mainly used in notebook computers and flat panel displays. Digital cameras, mobile phones and the main equipment for individuals and can be used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, instrumentation, machinery industries such as machine, pipe, pump, valve dynamic seal and static seal is a new type of sealing material instead of rubber, fluorine plastic, asbestos and other traditional seal ideal.


Application field:


Electronic industry is a high-tech, graphite products, mainly the market. Using the modified graphite for the production of high-tech electronic products cooling system can make the rapid heat dissipation of electronic products, such as liquid crystal computer, ultra pure graphite used for lithium ion batteries and alkaline electrode can improve the conductivity of ultra pure graphite foil used for fuel cell electrode plate can improve the conductivity of the weight.


Product specification:

Thickness: 0.05--0.07mm width: 500-800mm

Main performance index of graphite coil:

Temperature -200, 850 DEG C (in oxidizing medium) -200, 3500 DEG C (non oxidizing medium)

Density 1.0-1.7g/cm3

The tensile strength is more than 4.5Mpa

The density deviation of + 0.005 + 0.5g/cm fand

Thickness deviation + 0.005mm


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